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On the spiritual path our rooting into our ancestry

is as important as our connection to Divine inspiration.

All of us carry ancestral trauma, and many of us logically turn away from that trauma and embark on a spiritual path. This path is a powerful and transformative journey. Those of us who have chosen this arduous road to awakening inevitably come to places where we are fearful, stuck, lost, or simply resistant to change. Often we have experienced significant healing and may feel ready for our next steps, but can’t quite seem to ground that potential into the material world. 


It is at this juncture, this need to ground, where we must turn back and look into our roots, our ancestry… the very place of the trauma we turned away from at the beginning of our journey. 


The new science of epigenetics tells us that trauma is passed biologically from one generation to the next. And amazingly, it has also proven that your epigenetic signature can be overwritten. This new awareness opens up amazing new possibilities in the field of intuitive communication and healing within your ancestral lineage. In addition, the research into Near Death Experiences (NDEs) tells us that our ancestors are very much present on the other side of the veil. 


This combination of epigenetic science and NDE research reveals the very real viability of intuitive or psychic communication opening a field of healing for you AND your ancestors.

In other words, your ancestors are able to be present and heal in co-created sacred space. In this space your ancestors are called to step forward to take responsibility for their actions, profoundly facilitating their own healing. This healing of your ancestral line has amazing potentialities when looked at through an epigenetic lens. For it means that in such a session your ancestor’s healing releases aspects of the epigenetic imprint that has been passed to you, altering it, healing it in the subtle realm. 


The healing of this epigenetic imprint can also restore the flow of subtle energy, or chi, flowing to you through your ancestral rooting. This restored rooting has extremely positive effects.

This healing allows you to receive renewed life force energy coming up to you through your ancestral roots, and allows you to root, to ground your projects, your gifts, and your dreams.

Working with Ammahnda:

"I wanted to share one piece of my story that happened quite recently. Just a few weeks ago, I was working with a very gifted healer, a woman who works in the subtle realms with great skill. At one point my father showed up. This has happened several times before and I recognized him immediately. He offered me an apology that day, a real, true, deep apology for everything, and especially for his suicide. He took total responsibility and I could feel this, energetically, so clearly. He also apologized for the (epigenetic) impact he left on my daughter, which is obviously huge."

If you feel called to work with me  for ancestral healing, I would love to hear from you.

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