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What is Trauma ?

Trauma is the response to deeply distressing or disturbing events that overwhelm our ability to cope, and leave us feeling helpless.  Due to the nature of the trauma, and the pain that you have experienced, a lot of the feelings and memories get stored in the subcortical brain and body, where they remain ‘dormant’, outside of your awareness.  However ‘dormant’, they still remain active inside of you, influencing your beliefs about the world, your capacity to love and be loved, your relationships, your self-image, your emotional state of mind and overall health and well being.

Trauma can lead to symptoms that can range from anxiety to depression, PTSD to insomnia, addictions to eating disorders, attachment disorders to struggles with intimacy, or from chronic pain to illness that manifests itself in the physical.

How long are the sessions ?

The sessions are 1 hour long.

Do you see people in person, or online ?

Both. I see people from all over the world through Zoom, as well as in person.

How much do you charge ?

Sessions are $150 for 1 hour.

Do you see people in person, or online ?

Both. I see people from all over the world through Zoom, as well as in person.

How long do you typically work with a client ?

Each journey is unique, but most clients work with me weekly for 6 months to around 18 months, and afterward less frequently, if needed.

Why do you do this kind of work ?

From my years of experience working with people, and also from healing my own past, I have learned that it’s possible to heal from anything!

There's nothing that brings me greater joy than seeing people heal, better and transform their lives. I love witnessing the process of transformation and seeing how their lives take a different turn, as healing takes place and they find closure with their past.

This path is a path of deep healing, which allows people to reconnect to their true self. It allows them to remember who they truly are, reconnect to their essence and be able to express that in their daily lives.

I find beauty when reminding my clients of the wholeness that lies within them.

How do you work ?

We start with a 15 minute free consultation call, where we can get to know one another and I can get an understanding of what your needs are and what you’re looking for.

For those who see me over Zoom, the best way for us to work together is for you to be in a comfortable chair in a place that’s quiet and private.

Due to the nature of this healing process, I allow for 90 minute sessions. Our main focus is on resolving and healing the core of the pain that you are dealing with today.

All trauma is stored in the body and the subcortex region of the brain. When connecting to the body and brain, you can easily access, heal, and release the core emotions and memories that allow for deep healing and change to take place.

Furthermore, I put a lot of emphasis on teaching you skills and tools, on how to grow a deeper sense of awareness and understanding of what is happening within you, to you and around you. It is important to me that all my clients, walk out with the skills and confidence to handle whatever challenges life brings.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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