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In the subtle world our ties to one another are complex... even more complex than how we experience these ties in the physical world. The bonds between us can be accessed, strengthened, healed, and/or released,


Everything is connected.


The physical realm and the subtle realm are inextricably linked. Science and ancient knowledge are now aligning around this universal truth. Our relationships exist within an energy web unhampered by time, space and distance. And yet, we experience ourselves as finite, separate, trapped by our limited five sense perception.

In our day to day existence there are many things that separate us from each other... emotional upheavals, disease, trauma, and other difficult life circumstances. We all have felt the heartbreak, the loneliness, isolation, and estrangement of these distances in our lives. And, we long to restore these bonds. Sometimes it may not be physically possible, it may not be the right time, or it simply may not be appropriate to reach out for connection.

The wonder of our complex reality is that despite the way things appear to our limited five sense perception, we are profoundly and inextricably connected to each other.

We are not limited to the “I” that I call “Myself”. There is an aspect of our incarnation that many call the “Higher Self”. Not only does our Higher Self have a much more vast and expansive view of our present circumstances, it also is capable of communication with our day to day consciousness and with others. The Higher Self can also be viewed as our higher potential, that which we are incarnated to manifest and become. The Higher Self is always seeking healing, growth, and awakening. This is true for us and for those with whom we are longing to connect.

In Healing Relationships in the Subtle Realm I connect with the Higher Selves of both you and the one you wish to contact. Permission is always asked, and if given I am able to communicate with, and often channel the Higher Self of the one with whom you long for connection. This communication is always for the highest good, healing, and restoration for all involved. 

Working with Ammahnda:

"My teenage daughter has Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism. Although she is very verbal and animated she can not share the emotional content of her inner life. To say the least, this was very frustrating for both of us! In many ways she is a normal teenager going through hormonal changes and rebelling to establish her own individuality. Yet, in the face of her anger I found myself very concerned and frightened as to her behavior. Ammahnda was able to connect with my daughter and relay very specific information regarding her perspective, desires, and wishes. I am so much more relaxed!"Thank you Ammahnda"

If you feel called to work with me for healing relationships, I would love to hear from you.

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