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Amah Sia

Transpersonal Counseling

Our strengths, self-confidence, courage, and ability to love freely are what make us feel alive and living our purpose. When we are not able to express ourselves fully in life we can forget who we truly are and lose our way. The roots of this loss of direction can be buried deeply within our personal psyches and intergenerational lineages.

My gifts as an intuitive open up these realms of subtle information to be witnessed, processed and released. I have been privileged to assist and help countless others on their journey of becoming whole, regaining their strength, love and passion for life.

In my practice, the integration of the body, emotion, mind and spirit is the key to healing. This approach allows you to understand and unlock the life-long patterns that have been holding you back. You will be able to create the changes you have been longing for, so that you can move forward in your life.

There is nothing that brings me greater joy, than helping and guiding others on their path to a more profound sense of self. If you are ready to move forward and find out who you truly are, your journey begins here.

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Open to your purpose, your core motivation, and the places in you that long to be seen, integrated and healed.


Online Gatherings

My Divine Heart + Mind gatherings just celebrated our 2 year anniversary together. I am closing this chapter in my life and opening to what is coming next. I thank you all deeply for your journey with me. 


The Intuitive's Path

A time to gather, learn and support our deepening intuitive skills. 


Online Course

Explore additional techniques, connect deeper into the subtle realm, open to channeling, and learn to do readings for others.


Online Course

A 6-week course teaching practical techniques for accessing information from the subtle realm.


Online Course

Welcome to the Age of Maitreya the future Buddha, as She manifests in the form of Light.



Johanna Lundström 

Jeannette Rothweiler, MA, LMFT 

Amah’s "The Intuitive's Path" course is a rich and comprehensive system that teaches people a set of valuable skills that upgrade one’s ability to navigate the complexity of our present lives. Amah is known for precision and grace in facilitating transformational processes. I enjoy learning and practicing new tools with this gifted teacher.


~ Dr. Vitalina Rosenfeld 

Amah has a natural ability to make the subtle realms accessible and real. I have often found the approach of other teachers to be too ethereal and complex. Her clear, simple, grounded guidance has opened up a new relationship with my inner self that I can trust. Her Mastery and precise pacing is extremely potent and beneficial.

~ Salley Anderson, CFO Bullitt Foundation

About My Work

How did you became an Intuitive

Lineage, Ancestors + Epigenetics in the Subtle Realm

Working with the Ancestors During a Session

Healing of Relationships During a Session

What types of people come to your courses? 

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