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The Essential Techniques for

Accessing Higher Guidance

Boulder Workshop


A Four Week Course that Will Teach You the Transformative Techniques to Awaken Your Innate Intuitive Capacities, Infusing Your Life with More Wisdom, Clarity, and Ease. 

I'm so excited to invite you to my live four week intuitive awakening course here in Boulder! -- The Intuitive’s Path: The Essential Techniques for Accessing Higher Guidance...

where we’ll explore your connection to your Higher Self, the access point of your intuition. The skills you will learn will significantly accelerate your awakening process through new levels of direct communication with your own higher consciousness. Come with me and begin your journey on the Intuitive’s Path! 

Are you accessing your highest potential? with aliveness and wonder? Are you listening to the yearnings of your heart? Do you long to receive guidance about your purpose, your calling, and your deepest work?

Hi, I'm Ammahnda Sia.

I’ve been a Psychological Intuitive for over 10 years and I'm passionate about the awakening path. As an intuitive, many people come to me with questions about their lives, their loved ones, their history, their future, and their purpose. One of the things I have learned is that everyone grapples with fear and self doubt, and seeks answers. As fellow companions on the awakening path we are blessed to be opening to realms of our higher consciousness. It is here that we can access our innate intuitive capacities and receive answers to our deepest questions.

I have found that everyone has the ability to connect to the higher knowing within themselves. Over the years I have developed unique techniques which assist me on my own spiritual journey. I also use these methods in my intuitive readings and channeling. In this course I will teach you the same simple physical practices that guide me and others through life's complex and beautiful landscape.

Module 1: Answering the Call of Your Intuition

Welcome to The Intuitive’s Path. As an awakening person you seek to know yourself at higher levels of consciousness. Learning to open your channel by asking questions and receiving yes and no answers from your higher self will allow your daily life to be infused with more wisdom, clarity, and ease. And even more importantly, this opening holds powerful, catalytic repercussions…. because this is the very process by which you will come to discover yourself as a multi-dimensional being.

The course runs for 4 weeks and contains 4 Live hour and a half lectures, 3 one-hour practice sessions, 3 downloadable guided meditations, and homework. The course is structured in the following way: The live modules consist of lecture, visual diagrams, Q&A, and guided meditations. The homework offers support and practices following each week’s lecture. The practice sessions will be based upon the live course material, guided meditations, and homework.

In Module 1 you’ll learn:

  • The basics of your subtle anatomy, also called the light-body or aura, and it’s chakras and layers.

  • Subtle anatomy as understood by eastern and western esoteric cultures.

  • Where to access your higher self within your light-body.

  • How to raise your consciousness to access your higher capacities.

  • The physical technique to easily access your higher self and your intuition.

  • The basic process by which to ask questions and receive answers of your higher self.  

Module 2: The Essential Techniques of Self Inquiry

Ammahnda Sia - Psychological Intuitive

Connect to Your

Higher Potential 

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Class Dates, Times,

Pricing + More Info 

Class - NOTE :

Dates to be determined by group consensus. Please let me know what works for you!


Class Option 1:

Sunday Afternoons November 18, 25 + December 2, 9,  2018

90 minutes - starting at 4:00 PM


Class Option 2:

Sunday Evenings November 18, 25 + December 2, 9,  2018

90 minutes - starting at 7:00 PM

Practice Sessions: 

Practice session times will be decided upon via a group poll after the first class. 



In my home in Boulder

Cost $200-

Sliding Scale Available


I have been working with Ammahnda for individual sessions. Her online course has added a new dimension to my life. It was as if I was living in a 2 dimensional world and now the world has become 3 dimensional. The clarity she brings to such a complex subject as consciousness is exquisite. She is able to combine the experiential and the theoretical component of this issue in a seamless manner. Ammahnda has deeply impacted not only my life but also of those around me. I see the results in my family from the ancestral work we have done. Ammahnda is a rare find. Her finely tuned gifts are those of a true healer.

~ Vera Angelico

Ammahnda’s "The Intuitive's Path" is a rich and comprehensive system that teaches people a set of valuable skills that upgrade one’s ability to navigate the complexity of our present lives. Wishing I learned this as a child! I am thrilled about this opportunity to study with Ammahnda and allow this apprenticeship to permeate my being into a new way of relating with the world. Ammahnda is known for precision and grace in facilitating transformational processes. I enjoy learning and practicing new tools with this gifted teacher.

~ Dr. Vitalina Rosenfeld, Pharm.D., BCPS, FASCP

Your questions are the roots of your answers. You may think receiving yes or no answers to your questions would feel like being a kid in a candy store. But interestingly enough, this is often not the case. In this module, you will learn what is happening physically in your brain, emotionally in your gut, and mentally in your subtle body as you access higher realms...  

When given the capacity to open doors that have remained locked, you may pause, and realize you put protective locks on those doors out of your deepest wisdom…. This week’s discussion will be about the nuances of self inquiry. 

In Module 2 you’ll learn:

  • How to structure questions you ask of your higher self.

  • The scientific approach for asking questions called MECE, an acronym for “Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive”.

  • Brain anatomy, and how intuitive questions and answers expand your capacities.

  • Brain waves, and how the process of accessing higher states of consciousness affects your ability to receive information.

  • How and why intuited information might be blocked by your higher knowing.

  • How to connect to your higher self so that you can learn what you do not yet know. 

Module 3: The Essential Techniques of Connecting to Your History 

Ammahnda has a natural ability to make the subtle realms accessible and real. I have often found the approach of other teachers to be too ethereal and complex. Her clear, simple, grounded guidance has opened up a new relationship with my inner self that I can trust. Her Mastery and precise pacing is extremely potent and beneficial.

~ Salley Anderson, CFO Bullitt Foundation

Additional Testimonials

As you open to your higher intuitive capacities you will have a deeper need for grounding. This grounding is to your history and to your roots. This connection, (whether difficult or sublime) provides stabilization and ballast to your awakening process. you are a unique being with a unique past... a family structure, and a cultural context. In this module you'll work with higher self to call in this history for its lessons and its support.

In Module 3 you’ll learn:

  • Additional techniques of inquiry: accessing your personal, familial and collective history.

  • Root Spiritual Lineages, what they are and how to find yours.

  • The role of epi-genetics, what it is and how it can affect your present life.

  • The importance of your ancestors as they support your subtle anatomy and grounding.

  • How to connect to your ancestors, and how to ask them questions and receive answers. 

Module 4: The Essential Techniques of Connecting to Your Future 

Where are you going? Where are you called to? What is your relationship to your Soul? As the last module was about your history, this module is about your future. Here you will learn to call in your guides and understand who they are. You will also learn to “call in the Light”, which can best be understood as accessing and downloading the future you. 


In Module 4 you’ll learn:

  • Where your Soul is in relationship to your Higher Self.

  • How to ask questions and receive answers from the level of the Soul.

  • The importance of your guides as they support your subtle anatomy and growth. 

  • How to connect to your guides, and how to ask them questions and receive answers. 

  • What it means to receive “a download of Light”.

  • How to open your channel to your future in the form of information and Light.

Course Specfics
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