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The Future Buddha

Course Specfics

Today, The Maitreya is a relatively unknown aspect of Buddhism however, 2500 years ago the original Buddha, Gautama Buddha, predicted the coming of The Maitreya in these modern turbulent times.  The Maitreya is now emerging as a presence. She manifests in the form of Light... transmitting Light Codes to us, called The Maitreya Codes. These codes are her invitation to activate your future, opening a deeper understanding of your gifts, your purpose, your capacity to love, and your relationship with the Divine. This is your invitation to join the rapidly forming collective consciousness.


“The world will be saved by the Western Woman" 

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama 

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Unique in Tibetan Buddhist iconography, The Maitreya is depicted as sitting on a chair as westerners do. This pose is interpreted to mean that The Maitreya will manifest in the west. An even more controversial belief is that, (in keeping with the Dalai Lama’s prediction), The Maitreya will manifest in feminine form. 


I am so excited to offer this course to you. I look forward to sharing The Maitreya's field of love and information for your personal, and our collective, futures. 

This Course is for You, if You Wish To:  

  • Explore your intimate relationship with the Divine

  • Deepen your understanding and experience of your own unique gifts in the world

  • Open to your potential, the unseen future that is encoded in our Lightbody

  • Experience the Mystical through the opening of interdimensional gates 

  • Participate in a co-created emergent field through the use of ritual, sound, and free-writing 

  • Activate your personal and collective future through the transmission of The Maitreya

In this Course You Will:

  • Learn about the history and modern implications of this powerful Being, The Maitreya 

  • Discover new aspects of your innate gifts, your consciousness, and your future 

  • Receive multiple personal transmissions from The Maitreya as I channel this powerful manifestation prophesied for our times 

  • Open to codes from the higher realms through sound and chant 

  • Understand esoteric terms such as: ‘transmission’, ‘Light codes’, ‘structures of the Lightbody’, “morphogenic fields”, etc. 

  • Participate in personal and group ritual by creating an altar 

  • Receive writing prompts accompanied by music to open the intelligence of your deeper psyche

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The Themes of the Six Teaching Sessions:

  1. ​Pre-Birth - Our Primordial Lineage

  2. Physical Realm - Embodiment and Touch: Letting Life In

  3. Emotional Realm - What feelings are you leaving out of your conversations with Divine? 

  4. Mental Realm - Vulnerability & Thoughts: Being the Grit in the Oyster

  5. Spiritual Realm - A Larger Universe: Identifying Ourselves in Multiple Dimensions

  6. Ascension - Moving towards Presence and Love

Requirements for Course Participation:

  • A foundation in meditation 

  • A desire to experience and interact with subtle frequencies of Divine Light

  • A genuine desire to be on your awakened path; knowing that the process of awakening entails as much bliss as it does heartache and has as many beautiful vistas as it does bumps in the road

  • This course is not for those who suffer from any untreated psychological issues

  • The classes contain material and transmissions that will alter one’s consciousness, and an invitation to be calm and still for a minimum of two hours after each session


Course Details:


  • Not scheduled at this time.

  • 90 minutes - starting at 10:00am.pacific/11:00am.mountain/1:00pm.eastern/6:00pm CE

Sharing and Q+A Sessions: ​

  • Not scheduled at this time.

  • 60 minutes - starting at 10:00am.pacific/11:00am.mountain/1:00pm.eastern/6:00pm CET


  • Zoom video conferencing. The Zoom application is free and can be downloaded at

I trusted Ammahnda's Source, I recognized her gift, very clear and heart felt...

~ Pat Malcom

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