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This page is about my work as a medium with ancestors. To explain what I do and why connecting with ancestors is so important for the quality of our lives, I first need to relay a simplified overview of electricity and grounding from both physical and metaphysical perspectives.

Psychologically, as mature healthy people, we aim to live our lives in a grounded way. But what is this “grounding”? How do we achieve it? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “grounded” as: mentally and emotionally stable, admirably sensible, and realistic. Physically and metaphysically, we hear the expression “to ground one's energy”. But what does this really mean, and where does this expression come from?

In an electrical system any excess build-up of energy will need to be released somewhere. Think of the tremendous static electricity created in a powerful storm and the subsequent electrical discharge we see as lightning. The energy in our bodies is no different. Our hearts carry a powerful electrical charge and our nervous system is the wiring through which we discharge any excessive build up. In our stressful complicated lives this build-up can be quite significant! Our capacity to “ground”, thereby releasing any excessive energy, keeps us balanced and calm… as the dictionary definition states: mentally and emotionally stable, admirably sensible, and realistic.

The earth has an energetic anatomy similar to our own which influences our own energy field. The entire earth and biosphere in which we live are one gigantic living organism. Our ability to receive nourishment in the form of electro-magnetic currents (and the subtle energetic force called Chi or Qi in Chinese) from the earth is directly related to our rooting… our grounding into the earth.

My work as a medium with ancestors opens and restores this flow and heals our rooting. It re-establishes our connection to the earth and to our ancestry enabling greater grounding. This renewed life force holds tremendous benefits in terms of our health, capacity to manifest projects in the world, and ability to authentically connect to others. 

Working with Ammahnda:

"I wanted to share one piece of my story that happened quite recently. Just a few weeks ago, I was working with a very gifted healer, a woman who works in the subtle realms with great skill. At one point my father showed up. This has happened several times before and I recognized him immediately. He offered me an apology that day, a real, true, deep apology for everything, and especially for his suicide. He took total responsibility and I could feel this, energetically, so clearly. He also apologized for the (epigenetic) impact he left on my daughter, which is obviously huge."

If you feel called to work with me as a medium for ancestral healing, I would love to hear from you.

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