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My work as a mentor is not so much as a teacher, but as an awakener. 

Mentoring is a mutuality that requires more than meeting the right mentor. The mentor must meet the right student. In this encounter, not only are the qualities of the mentor revealed, but the qualities of the student are drawn out in a way that is equally impactful. Powerful mentorship has the capacity to awaken deeper truths in both the student and the mentor.


The reciprocity between a mentor and a student is an art and a spiritual practice.

Awakening in the subtle realm is full of reality-bending experiences, for we certainly feel that something profound has changed. As you awaken into higher levels of spiritual awareness, the boundary between you and that which you are becoming is much more fluid.


Having a mentor who can accurately reflect back to you what you are experiencing solidifies your clarity, and also further illuminates your perceptions. The maturity of a seasoned mentor also normalizes the awakening of your spiritual capacities. This is crucial for your spiritual development as the tendency for the ego to attach to psychic gifts is very high. The subtle realm can be very intoxicating. It is the role of the mentor to keep a student's focus on the very hard work of personal growth, for psychic gifts must never be used as a by-pass for the necessary shadow work of spiritual awakening. 


I will help you move from reliance upon external forms of divination to a continual depth of psychic inner knowing that permeates all of one's moment to moment reality. 

The development of one's intuitive gifts often comes in stages. Many of us start with tools and structures of divination such as tarot cards, astrological charts, the i-ching, runes, Kabbalah, pendulums, and so forth. These ancient and powerful sources of information and transmission are the bedrock of our collective expression of the psychic world. One of my gifts as a mentor is in supporting the development of your innate inner knowing to the extent that your psychic gifts are supported by, but not dependent on, external forms of affirmation.

Working with Ammahnda:

"It was time for me to move into a deepening of my psychic interests. I had been doing readings for my friends and family and knew the time was right for my next stages. I did not want to learn another form of doing readings--- I wanted to develop myself spiritually and intuitively. My sessions with Ammahnda have been exactly what I was looking for. Her techniques for deepening intuitive capacities are specific and powerful. Personal sessions with her are invaluable." 

If you feel called to work with me as a mentor, I would love to hear from you.

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