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Hi, I'm Ammahnda


As a former design executive, I was blessed by strong creative and interpersonal intuition. And yet, I could never have foreseen that I would become an intuitive, a medium, or a spiritual guide. A series of powerful events led me into my work supporting professionally advanced and spiritually inclined people on their awakening path...  to create meaningful work, supportive relationships, heal past trauma, and flourish with grace and ease. 


Through my relationship with the Divine and numerous enlightened beings a sacred space is created that supports people's connection to their own intuitive guidance, self healing, and clearing of ancestral wounds. The transmissions from the enlightened beings awaken and activate people's personal development, and I teach specific modalities to give structure to this awakening. Within this space, a deepening of people's core motivation occurs so that they are empowered and supported to write that book, launch that program, find or strengthen that relationship, and manifest their most powerful longings and highest potential.

From my own history, I understand what it is to be burnt-out, over-worked, and furiously grabbing at a version of success I thought I wanted. I spent many years living in New York and working at an executive level as a clothing designer in the fast-paced garment center. I hustled. I drove myself mercilessly. I knew I wasn’t living in a sustainable way, but I didn’t know any other way to be.

All of that came grinding to a halt when one day I prayed to God, the Universe, What-Ever It is… and I said, “take my life, my remaining years, my talents… I lay them at your feet in service”. It was then that Grace descended, and I was flooded by Light. And my life has never been the same.

It has taken over ten years to embody this transformation. The journey has not always been easy. I have spent those years in deep contemplation, meditation, and study. I have studied with numerous teachers, most recently completing a two year in-depth, Timeless Wisdom Training with the Modern Mystic, Thomas Hübl.

Today I’m guiding people on their own journey of spiritual awakening informed by these past ten years. I delight in helping others to discover their own deep capacity for higher knowing. Spiritual guidance is a form of relationship between not two but three – the person seeking guidance, myself, and The Divine that is the true director in the relationship. 

Feel called to work together? I'd love to hear from you!

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