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We are deeply spiritual beings. We may not know this or remember it. Our very nature is spiritual in its essence.

The intuitive world is the spiritual world. It is not foreign or other, it is our birthright and our natural home.

We incarnate to further our soul’s evolution, our piece of the evolution of consciousness as a whole. We have a specific purpose, and essential questions to answer... these are our specific intentions for being here. We also have our own karmic wounds to heal and by doing so heal a piece of humanity. Seeking a intuitive reading is simply wanting to learn more deeply about these reasons for our very existence.

The focus of my intuitive readings is an orientation towards expanding your consciousness and restoring your wholeness.

In a reading expect to be held by your own guides, guardians, and other energies that support your healing and awakening. 

In addition there are numerous ascended masters, spirit guides, angels, elementals, and star beings that regularly assist me. All these beings offer direct transmission through the sacred space that is created for the purpose of your reading. Expect all that assemble for you to address your core motivation in life, and where and how you are blocking its manifestation.


It is not uncommon for your ancestors to show up offering support, clarity, remorse, and clearing of family karma. These relatives will make themselves felt energetically and are with you as an aspect of their own healing as well. 


There are also times when I will be guided to use vocal harmonics called toning to energetically clear or awaken aspects of your energy field. At times I am also called to assist your capacity to "download light" which can best be understood as allowing your future self to enter into your consciousness. 

Psychic readings with me are not about winning the lottery.

A intuitive reading with me is about profoundly opening to your calling, your deepest longing… and honing the inner compass that will guide you forth into your highest manifestation. 

Working with Ammahnda:

"To say I was totally blown away in my session today would be an understatement. I barely have words to thank you and can only encourage others to treat themselves to your amazing skill and presence. Specifically, I want to let you know what happened after our session yesterday. I was clearly in an altered state. Sometime around 5:30pm I went to bed. I didn't exactly dream, but I do remember that there was one helluva lot of brain activity. In fact, at one point, it was as if all the language, the sentences that are usually complete in themselves, got scrambled. I could almost see and watch as the words separated and floated away. When I woke I slowly walked around reorienting myself. I felt like... I can do this! Honestly, it's as if I'd gone through a major portal."

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