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Transpersonal Counseling

What is Transpersonal Counseling?


I define “transpersonal” as “personal plus.” This transpersonal work integrates one’s personal psyche and those deeper or higher aspects of one’s human experience that transcend the ordinary and the average—experiences that are, in other words, ‘transpersonal’ or “more than personal”... “personal plus.”.


Transpersonal Counseling rests in the belief that there is something bigger and deeper in the space between which operates upon us. It is a full spectrum counseling approach and that holds both the immanent and transcendent dimensions of one’s human experience: exceptional human functioning, experiences, performances and achievements, true genius, the nature and meaning of deep religious and mystical experiences, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and how one might foster the fulfillment of one’s highest potentials as a human being.


As a Transpersonal Counselor I integrate the timeless mystical wisdom of humanity’s ancient lineages with modern Western scientific understanding, thus translating spiritual principles into a contemporary, grounded and awakened life. 


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What happens in an intuitive session

Working with the Ancestors during a session

Healing of relationships during a session

Lineage, Ancestors + Epigenetics in the Subtle Realm

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