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Transpersonal Counseling

About Sessions


Through our mutual intention a container is created. This container can be called sacred space. It is an energetic field that supports the further awakening of your intuitive capacities, healing, guidance, and the clearing of ancestral wounds. 


Within this safe and protected space, we open to your purpose— your core motivation, and the places in you that long to be seen, integrated and healed. In this exploration, a deepening occurs where you are empowered and supported to move forward into your life, to manifest your longing, and your highest potential.


What is Transpersonal Counseling?


I define “transpersonal” as “personal plus.” This transpersonal work integrates one’s personal psyche and those deeper or higher aspects of one’s human experience that transcend the ordinary and the average—experiences that are, in other words, ‘transpersonal’ or “more than personal”... “personal plus.”.


Transpersonal Counseling rests in the belief that there is something bigger and deeper in the space between which operates upon us. It is a full spectrum counseling approach and that holds both the immanent and transcendent dimensions of one’s human experience: exceptional human functioning, experiences, performances and achievements, true genius, the nature and meaning of deep religious and mystical experiences, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and how one might foster the fulfillment of one’s highest potentials as a human being.


As a Transpersonal Counselor I integrate the timeless mystical wisdom of humanity’s ancient lineages with modern Western scientific understanding, thus translating spiritual principles into a contemporary, grounded and awakened life. 


Session Structure


At the beginning of each 60 minute session I connect to my Higher Self and your Higher Self. Our Higher Self can be seen as an overarching consciousness that guides one’s life path during a specific incarnation. In this sense it is both your guide and your highest potential. In a session it is your Higher Self that guides me into the realms and material that is most healing, awakening, and activating for you at this time. 


In a session we open sacred space, a container in which to listen and connect inwards, offering an opportunity to retrieve aspects of yourself, the emotions or the memories connected to the pain and patterns you are experiencing today.  


This work allows you to release and let go of the unconscious beliefs that sabotage your life. These unconscious beliefs are like computer programs that run without us ever even seeing them, and limit your perception of what you can and cannot do. This deep release allows you to fully awaken to your purpose and why you incarnated as a human being. 


In addition, a session may hold guided imagery and meditation, healing with your ancestors, healing and/or activation of your subtle energy body or Lightbody, connection to spiritual masters, as well as powerful celestial and star beings. 

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What happens in an intuitive session

Working with the Ancestors during a session

Healing of relationships during a session

Lineage, Ancestors + Epigenetics in the Subtle Realm

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