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Online Group Event

Welcome to a space where 

you can simply sit back and receive! 


There is a mystery at the core of our gathering. But before I speak of that mystery, I wish to speak to the nature of The Divine to the best of my limited understanding. 


The Divine ultimately is formlessness and form, the unmanifest void and the manifest realm… a dynamic interdependent “immanence”. We can say that it is omnipresent, non-dual, meaning it is not this or that, not one or the other.


This creative force, this omnipresent consciousness feels so abstract to our dualistic time and space bound reality, that we have an understandable need to put the inexplicable into a tangible form… some”thing” that we can literally relate to. Thus, we tend to attribute human characteristics to the unknowable, most commonly male and female and their associated qualities.


The Divine being non-dual is neither anthropomorphically male or female. Our concepts of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine are our constructs applied to the unknowable. The numerous personifications; gods and goddesses are likewise constructs of our psyche’s need to personally and collectively interact with that which created us.


In this context, our experience of The Divine as represented by the gods and goddesses we have assigned to the unknowable, are at a level where we can most easily approach such a profound and abstract concept as The Divine... that is “every”thing and “no”thing at the same time.


And now the mystery....what happens seemingly out of our need to create a relatable God is a phenomenon beyond our current understanding… The Divine, the unknowable, immanent, and omnipresent in turn then interacts with us as those forms.

Our group will be an exploration of this profound mystery.  

Teaching + Channeled Meditation   

This video is from a Divine Heart + Mind gathering celebrating the new year.

These online gatherings feature both cognitive learning and emergent intuitive content.  It is a space where you can sit back, learn, and simply receive a transmission from the Divine Heart + Mind.


Each online gathering will feature:

-  Cognitive powerpoint presentation or video

-  Sound mediations

-  Guided Meditations

-  Channeled Material

Time + Date:

1st + 3rd Saturdays of the month   10:00am.pacific/11:00am.mountain/1:00pm.eastern/7:00pm CET

Group lasts 60 Minutes

This is a group meant to fit your availability. Regular attendance will strengthen our own experience and the group field group but regular attendance is absolutely not required.  


Zoom video conferencing. (The Zoom application is free and can be downloaded at


An email containing each gathering's content and Zoom link will be sent to you before each gathering. 


I have attended the Divine Heart + Mind gatherings, where Ammahnda invited every time a different Goddess or Deity, not knowing how things would emerge!!  A strong spiritual power was always presenced by the group. 

Ammahnda has always offered these evenings for free, that's her generosity and service to the world.

Since I met Ammahnda I feel deeply connected to her and appreciate her gift and work as a Healer and Seer. 

The readings I received were always an eyeopener on my path. They were sincerely and deeply touching to me in my core.

Within the readings her channeling capacity happened as well, and very naturally.

~ Jacoba Willeboordse

I have participated in the Divine Heart + Mind gatherings led by Ammahnda for several months.

Each session has brought me a deep, and compelling experience.

Ammahnda has remarkable abilities to navigate the historic, geographic as well as the more expected spiritual aspects of the various spiritual beings  introduced to us during these sessions.

Her high degree of intuitiveness, relatability and caring are a constant presence.

I am grateful for her providing these ongoing experiences that have been of great benefit to me. Each session feels like a journey to a place that while on the one had is unknown, feels familiar and revealing to me.

~ Mary 

Being with Ammahnda during the Divine Heart + Mind gatherings is preciously resourcing for me during a very intense time with a very ill daughter.

I find the way Ammahnda shares visuals about the Divine calling to you to be very enlightening.    It is a beautiful prelude to her natural way of channeling, which is a deeply healing experience for me. An experience that ongoingly draws me in deeper, towards ever more subtle layers of my own Being.

Thank you so much for that Ammahnda. 

With Gratitude and Love,

~ Marielle de Natris - Psychotherapist

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I look forward to your presence in the gathering!

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