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About Amah Sia

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Amah Sia is a Transpersonal Counselor, coach and group facilitator. Her non-traditional approach excels in the development of what is "beyond" one’s cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence –  developing and honing one’s innate intuitive capacities.

Amah is a natural teacher and has a gift for making esoteric concepts approachable and specifically "non-WuWu". Her talents make the subtle world not a philosophical concept but an operational practical reality.

Her professional career and mystical experiences integrate many years of meditation and spiritual training with an extensive career as an executive C-Suite level designer in New York City.

Her individual sessions, group facilitation and teaching consist of an international clientele specifically directed to the awakening of consciousness, healing, purpose, and bringing modern mysticism into the marketplace.

Amah understands that our strengths, self-confidence, courage, and ability to love freely are what make us feel alive and living our purpose. When we are not able to express ourselves fully in life we can forget who we truly are and lose our way. The roots of this loss of direction can be buried deeply within our personal psyches and intergenerational lineages.

Amah's strength lies in her capacity to see and mirror back the uniqueness of one's gifts, edges of growth, and what is ready to be shed.

The heart of her work recognizes the profound intelligence of one's psychological defenses, and the current personal price that is being paid for these wise barriers, and the release of these structures enabling her clients to thrive.

Amah lives in the red rock beauty of Sedona, Arizona.

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