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About Ammahnda


Fifteen years ago I was on a business trip, spending thousands of dollars shopping in Barcelona, Spain. You see I was a clothing designer and part of my job was traveling to the most fabulous cities and shopping for new trends. 


Sound glamorous? 


Well, it was, and it wasn't. 


As I crossed a street that day in Barcelona I looked into my future and saw nothing I could imagine living for. I was deeply depressed, (without going into the story, I was depressed for good reasons!) Anyway, that day I prayed a random but heartfelt prayer, I said, “God, the Universe, What-Ever-the ____ It-Is... take my life, my remaining years, my talents… I lay them at your feet in service”. 


It was then that Grace descended and I was flooded by Light.  

My life has never been the same. 




As a kid I longed to understand the mystical. And like an answer to my childhood wish, the Grace that flooded me that day in Barcelona began to open my spiritual and intuitive gifts. 


Within a few years it became clear to me that I needed to leave my career as a designer and devote myself to what was my calling. 


The transition hasn't always been easy, (no, not at all) but today I am blessed to guide people on their own journey of spiritual awakening. I love working with people individually and in my courses to discover their own innate deep capacity for higher knowing. 


Sessions with me are so interesting, because I never know what will happen! 


Aspects of my work include; opening to one’s calling, deepening one’s purpose, working with the ancestors, guides, archangels, starbeings, as well as energy healings and activations. 

I also teach about the mystical structures of consciousness, The human lightbody, our multidimensionality, and the sacred structures of our planet's portals, energetic alignments, and sacred sites. 


While these encounters and teachings are cool, the real foundation of my work is within the heart… love, and a profound reverence for The Divine within which we are all held. 


I genuinely look forward to connecting!

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