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“True transformation does not require hope, and moves even in despair.”

~the Magdalen Manuscript

The Magdalen first made her presence known to me while on pilgrimage in 2009. Since that time I have been in daily contact with her. My understanding of her meaning in our day and age is radically different than what we have been taught by mainstream institutionalized churches. But my understanding may not be that different from her original essence and purpose for incarnating as the woman closest to the man we call Jesus, who in Aramaic is called Yeshua

At the time of Magdalen's life a separatist jewish community called the Essenes lived at Kumram, the site where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. These scrolls have preserved other gospels... gospels that preserve the traditions of her relationship to her partner Yeshua. The relationship between Magdalen and Yeshua is one of sacred mystery and tantric initiation. It is deeply veiled and stems from the mystery schools of the ancient world. 

My relationship to The Magdalen is initiatory, originating from the ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt. 

This is not a conventional view of the woman that institutionalized churches sought to disempower by calling a prostitute. My work with her is well outside this distorted and sad relic of our collective history which has consolidated power in the hands of a few. The huge resurgence of interest in her meaning and importance is testament to the opening of new harmonic frequencies arriving onto the planet, initiating humanity into new understandings of sacred femininity and masculinity.

It is these new frequencies that I work with in my channeling of The Magdalen. 

These frequencies, often called Light Codes, are transmitted from The Magdalen during a reading. Their intention is to activate and awaken your consciousness into your next level of spiritual growth. Light Codes can best be understood as vibratory frequencies beyond our five sense perception that act as genetic keys turning on aspects of our subtle and physical DNA, igniting your evolutionary development.


The Magdalen's presence is one of tremendous empathy, understanding, wisdom, humor, insight, and intelligence. A reading with her is a special encounter.

Working with Ammahnda:

I want to share with you my deep gratitude for your sharing of your gifts with me yesterday. There was much unlocked for me through our session and I spent the night and much of today integrating, and I'm sure it will continue. You have a fantastic connection to Divine Light. I teared up numerous times during our session because parts of me were seen and loved in ways that I've long desired... parts of me that are not human as well as parts that are. So, thank you for that. I feel deeply connected to you, too, through the energy of the Magdalena, and know we have been sisters "before".

If you have felt a call to schedule an appointment with Ammahnda and haven't yet, I have to say from the bottom of my heart... please do. I am so honored to have been a recipient of her seeing, knowing, and support. She is truly gifted.

If you feel called to work with me in this way, I would love to hear from you.

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