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As young children, many of us had powerful and innate spiritual yearnings, understandings, and capacities. Some of us suppressed these gifts to the point where we now wonder if we are intuitive, and if we are connected to that which goes by many names Source, The Divine, The Mystery. We may sense we are connected... but how to know it? how to feel it? And, even more significantly how to let that connection inform our purpose, guide our lives, and confirm our connection to others and to the Sacred.

Many of us long for this safe place to explore the deepest questions of our lives, questions about meaning, purpose and calling... questions about God, Spirit and Reality.


It is not so much that we think anyone has the ultimate answers, it isn’t that we need to be fixed... it is not therapy we are after, but something with a larger context where we can be heard and held in a sacred space... trusted to find in the depths of our own heart our innate, tangible, and life affirming connection to Spirit.

This is why we seek spiritual guidance, a soul-friend from whom we might receive a word, or a gentle sweep of a hand suggesting a place to look, or a practice or a prayer, to guide us on this, our most important journey.

Perhaps we seek spiritual guidance because the state of our life or the state of our world begs response, but discerning what is a true response that comes from our true nature and not our wounds and habits, is tricky business. We need the support of someone who can help us discern and listen carefully, heartfully, soulfully, to what goes by many names...

 the Real, True Nature, God, the Absolute, the Ground of Being

~ and to manifest that deepening into our lives.

Soul-friending and spiritual guidance is a form of relationship between not two but three – the person seeking guidance, myself, and The Divine that is the true director in the relationship. 

"Working with Ammahnda has been such an incredible gift! I have always felt comfortable being honest with her because she is filled with such integrity, light, and compassion. She works with spirit in such a beautiful way and she gives clear and accurate advice. Our sessions have provided me with the important tools that I needed to help in my growth and transformation. Ammahnda is such a gifted and talented healer and I am so grateful that I found her. If you are looking for answers and results I highly recommend that you work with Ammahnda!"

If you feel called to work with me as a spiritual guide, I would love to hear from you.

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