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Beginning in the last century with Edgar Casey and the recent surge of interest by work of the Medical Medium, Anthony William, Medical Intuitives have become part of our alternative health care paradigm.


What is a

Psychological IntuitiveTM



Medical Intuitves have the capacity to “see” into the body to diagnose conditions and prescribe treatments. When I began to understand my gifts I realized the parallel my work had to those of medical intuitives. I realized that I could “see” the psychological structures deep within my clients, their ancestry, their personal relationships, and their relationships to Spirit Beings. This is why I call myself a Psychological IntuitiveTM

A Medical Intuitive is not a Doctor, nor am I as a Psychological IntuitiveTM, a Psychotherapist.

My gifts arise from my deep capacity to see in the subtle realm - patterns, connections, histories, and futures of my clients. 

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