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Somatically Intuited Answers is a simple, physical, somatic technique to receive intuitive guidance, and an equally powerful process of cognitive self inquiry.


You may think receiving a definitive Yes or No to just about any question would feel like being a kid in a candy store.


But interestingly enough, that is often not the case.

When given the capacity to open doors that have remained locked, one pauses…

and realizes that one had put locks on those doors out of one’s deepest wisdom.


I teach a method that opens up tremendous possibility...  


How to safely and assuredly open your connection to your inner realms and outer dimensional realities with precision, respect, and humor. 

Somatically Intuited AnswersTM

SIA MethodTM



The Topics :

• What exactly is the “Higher Self” or “Higher Guidance”?

• How do you reliably and concretely access these realms?

• Establishing of a somatic Yes + No technique to connect you directly to your Higher Self

• How do you know the difference between ego, wishful thinking, and actual guidance?

• How to formulate a question to accurately receive an answer form Higher Guidance

• Structures and schematic drawings of the light body's chakras + layers, and brain anatomy as it effects intuition and cognition

Guided meditations to connect to the departed and ancestors 

• Guided meditations to connect to the angelic realm

• What does it mean to receive, and how can one perceive, a “download” or a “transmission of Light”?

• Teaching on energetic safety when accessing subtle realms

• Guided meditations + practice exercises

Contact me regarding the dates of my next course offering.  


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The Sessions :

• The 4 modules will be both experiential and informative. The classes will feature the modalities, concepts, structures of the subtle anatomy, exercises, Q+A, and homework

• 3 practice sessions 

The Format + Pricing:

• 4 - hour and a half weekly classes 

• 9:00AMHST/12:00PMPST/ 1:00MST/3:00EST/8PMCET

• 3 one hour practice sessions - dates and times will be determined by consensus of  the class 

• Zoom video conferencing

• $180 for the 4 modules  

Course Testimonials 

Ammahnda has a natural ability to make the subtle realms accessible and real. I have often found the approach of other teachers to be too ethereal and complex. Her clear, simple, grounded guidance has opened up a new relationship with my inner self that I can trust. Her Mastery and precise pacing is extremely potent and beneficial.

~ Salley Anderson, CFO Bullitt Foundation

Ammahnda’s "Somatically Intuited Answers" is a rich and comprehensive system that teaches people a set of valuable skills that upgrade one’s ability to navigate the complexity of our present lives. Wishing I learned this as a child! I am thrilled about this opportunity to study with Ammahnda and allow this apprenticeship to permeate my being into a new way of relating with the world. Ammahnda is known for precision and grace in facilitating transformational processes. I enjoy learning and practicing new tools with this gifted teacher.

~ Dr. Vitalina Rosenfeld, Pharm.D., BCPS, FASCP

I have been working with Ammahnda for individual sessions. Her online course has added a new dimension to my life. It was as if I was living in a 2 dimensional world and now the world has become 3 dimensional. The clarity she brings to such a complex subject as consciousness is exquisite. She is able to combine the experiential and the theoretical component of this issue in a seamless manner. Ammahnda has deeply impacted not only my life but also of those around me. I see the results in my family from the ancestral work we have done. Ammahnda is a rare find. Her finely tuned gifts are those of a true healer.

~ Vera Angelico

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