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Free Online Group

Welcome to the Gift of My Free Online Gathering Where We Call In Numerous Aspects of the Sacred Feminine for Revelation, Healing, and Contemplation.   

Our gathering is a space to call in,       experience, learn from, and discuss the aspects of The Divine as expressed by the Sacred Feminine... Mother, Crone, Maiden, Child, Eastern, Western, Traditional, Emergent, Celestial, Pagan, Elemental, Indigenous, Animistic, Monastic, Ancient, Modern, and Future… These Sacred Feminine Beings can also be understood as frequencies of Light and Information emanating from The Divine. 


Do you long to deepen your connection to the feminine aspects of yourself? with aliveness and wonder?  Would you like to connect with feminine streams of intelligence?  Do you hear the call from the Sacred Feminine in your heart, mind and body? Do you long to receive guidance about your purpose, your calling, and your deepest work?



This online gathering will feature:

-  Guided Meditations

-  Instruction on how to deepen your own connection to The Sacred Feminine

-  Various powerpoint presentations, videos and sound mediations.  

-  Discussion about the significance of the Sacred Feminine in the world today

-  Open discussion and Q + A 

Gathering Dates, Times, + More Info 


1st + 3rd Saturdays of the month    10:00am.pacific/11:00am.mountain/1:00pm.eastern

7:00pm CET

Group lasts 90 Minutes

This is a group meant to fit your availability. Regular attendance will strengthen the group and your own depending, but is absolutely not required.  


Zoom video conferencing. (The Zoom application is free and can be downloaded at The Zoom address will be emailed to you after registering for the group.



There is a mystery at the core of our gathering. But before I speak of that mystery, I wish to speak to the nature of The Divine to the best of my limited understanding. 


The Divine ultimately is formlessness and form, the unmanifest void and the manifest realm… a dynamic interdependent “immanence”. We can say that it is omnipresent, non-dual, meaning it is not this or that, not one or the other.


This creative force, this omnipresent consciousness feels so abstract to our dualistic time and space bound reality, that we have an understandable need to put the inexplicable into a tangible form… some”thing” that we can literally relate to. Thus, we tend to attribute human characteristics to the unknowable, most commonly male and female and their associated qualities.


The Divine being non-dual is neither anthropomorphically male or female. Our concepts of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine are our constructs applied to the unknowable. The numerous personifications; gods and goddesses are likewise constructs of our psyche’s need to personally and collectively interact with that which created us.


In this context, our experience of The Divine as represented by the gods and goddesses we have assigned to the unknowable, are at a level where we can most easily approach such a profound and abstract concept as The Divine... that is “every”thing and “no”thing at the same time.


And now the mystery....what happens seemingly out of our need to create a relatable God is a phenomenon beyond our current understanding… The Divine, the unknowable, immanent, and omnipresent in turn then interacts with us as those forms.

Our group will be an exploration of this profound mystery.  


I am offering this gathering as a gift of awareness, growth, and learning for us all.   

If you would like to make a donation supporting my offerings it would be much appreciated!

Thank you! 

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