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My Personal Journey

Welcome to the

Age of The Maitreya!


For over a decade my journey with “The Maitreya” has been the most personal and transformational aspect of my spiritual life.

“The Maitreya” is a relatively unknown aspect of Buddhism. But 2500 years ago the original Buddha, Gautama Buddha, predicted the coming of a future buddha, The Maitreya in these modern turbulent times. Now, The Maitreya is emerging as a presence. She manifests in the form of Light... transmitting Light Codes to us, called The Maitreya Codes. These codes are an invitation to activate in each person, an opening to deeper understanding of your gifts, your purpose, your capacity to love, and your relationship with the Divine.

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My journey began with a profound awakening experience 14 years ago. At that time I was on a business trip in Barcelona, Spain. My work life was booming, but personally I saw a future without meaning... I was utterly heartbroken for reasons beyond the parameters of this email. While crossing the street I offered a prayer to The Divine that resulted in profound Grace... being flooded with peace and Light, and my first non-dual experience. My life has never been the same. 

But things didn't immediately get better! In fact things seemed to get worse as I began to awaken to certain truths of my life. But things did change; and radically.


I began to hear the vague, yet insistent voice of The Divine. The tension grew between my spiritual calling and my executive level professional world, and when offered another promotion I knew it was time to resign. 

Over the next few years the subtle voice of calling got increasingly specific. I worked tediously with the information from the higher realms, (called in computer language “downloads”). I developed techniques to decipher these transmissions, and then taught these techniques in my first online course; The Intutiive’s Path. 

My work with The Maitreya continued to deepen. In meditation I was asked repeatedly to choose, recommit, and to surrender. As a metaphor and as history, I have been through poverty and wealth, lived in a tent and in luxury, been embraced and shunned… and until now, I have wisely kept this initiation, and my calling into The Maitreya, private. 

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And yet, I knew one day I would offer to others the same initiations I had received. Despite knowing this, there have been many years spent in inner solitude. Years where there appeared to be nothing happening in my outer life. Years of healing, of learning to listen to The Divine, and of bowing down to the guidance that I receive.
It has not been an easy path.

In preparation for my work with The Maitreya, I have been hosting Divine Feminine gatherings. While preparing for these sessions I sensed the time approaching where I would offer transmission of The Maitreya. Before each Divine Feminine class I asked The Divine, “Is it time for The Maitreya?” Each time the answer was, “Not Yet.” 

Recently this dialogue between myself and The Divine changed. Finally, I was told, “It is time, teach about, and with, The Maitreya.

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Even though I have known for over a decade that this was my path, I was initially tentative and nervous. It is one thing to be told of this future in meditation, and it is quite another to say that you are offering to the world transmission of The Maitreya... a Being prophesied by The Buddha 2500 years ago.

I have learned to follow the guidance I receive. I have worked hard to create and translate this new course into form, so here we go!

This offering will be deeply experiential. We will be in the presence of The Maitreya and will jointly be downloading The Maitreya Light Codes. 


Half of the course will be cognitive teaching about The Maitreya. The other half will feature personal exercises, ritual, and channeling of The Maitreya which will be purely emergent, and experienced spontaneously and simultaneously amongst us. 


The initial offering of this course will begin on October 14th run through December, 5th 2020.

Love, Ammahnda

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