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Western and Eastern Esoteric Art

and Spiritual Transmission

Course Specfics

New York City is home to powerful objects of spiritual light and power. Please join Ammahnda for this urban pilgrimage. You are welcome to choose one, two or three days of viewing and opening to the sacred wisdom held in Manhattan’s museums, churches, and synagogues.

Day One

Not Scheduled at this Time

East meets West 

Esoteric Art and The Second Buddha

The Nicholas Roerich Museum 

The Rubin Museum of Art    


Morning gathering, orientation and Tibetan Sound Meditation.

Tour - Eastern and Western Esoteric tradition and transmission as experienced through the paintings of Nicholas Roerich.

The life of Padmasambhava, "the Second Buddha" as told through 41 Tibetan works of art.   

The morning will focus on the Middle Eastern, Indian and Himalayan journey and art of Helena and Nicholas Roerich. Their travels were led by the channeled teachings of the ascended masters El Moyra and Maitreya. 

The afternoon will focus on the master Padmasambhava, the Lotus Born. We will engage with select objects to reveal their hidden meaning and content via the exhibit’s Augmented Reality tablets.


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Day Two

Not Scheduled at this Time

Armana, Prana, and Awakening

The Metropolitan Museum of Art   - Egyptian Wing

Cleopatra’s Needle – Central Park    


Morning gathering, orientation and sound meditation with The Hathors.

Tour - Egyptian Mystery Schools and the Aten, The Goddess of Healing – Sehkmet,

Today's tour will focus of the techniques and tools used for awakening within the Egyptian Mystery Schools. We will encounter the use of sound, vibration, meditation, and healing as it is preserved and transmitted through ancient functional objects, reliefs, sculpture, and religious artifacts.


Day Three

Not Scheduled at this Time

The Sacred Feminine and Synagogue

St Ignatius Loyola Church 

St Thomas Church  

St Patrick’s Cathedral

Trinity Church

St Paul's + Mezeritz Synagogues 

   Arc of the Covenant 

          Temple Emanu-El         


Morning gathering, orientation and Renaissance Christian sound meditation.

Tour - Madonnas and Virgins. Church of the Founding Fathers, The Arc of the Covenant and Synagogue.  A full day immersed in some of Manhattan's most Holy Sanctuaries. 


Wednesday's tour will focus on The Sacred Feminine. We will visit Manhattan's two Black Madonnas, the Virgin of Guadalupe and Mother Mary. We will hold this awareness as we visit St Paul's Church where the Founding Fathers worshiped and was a crucial site for 9/11's First Responders. This church also holds an Arc of the Covenant originally from the Mezeritz Synagogue. We will then visit and meditate at the Temple Emanu-EL synagogue.’s-chapel



Additional Information

Morning Gathering Place:

The Upper West Side. Address will be given upon registration.  


Gathering Time:  9:30 AM

Closing Time:      5:30 PM 

Cost: $75.00 per day


There will be an hour and a half lunch each day. 

Day One - At the Rubin Museum of Art 

Day Two - At the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Day Three – Location to still to be determined.

Museum entrances, transportation, meals and tips will be paid individually by each participant. 


Ammahnda’s Mobile - 646.370.0665

Email -

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