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Each journey is unique!

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call to explore our possibilities.

A Personal Invitation 

Our strengths, self-confidence, courage, and ability to love freely are what make us feel alive and living our purpose. When we are not able to express ourselves fully in life we can forget who we truly are and lose our way. The roots of this loss of direction can be buried deeply within our personal psyches and intergenerational lineages.

My skills and gifts as a Transpersonal Counselorcoach, and intuitive open up these realms of subtle information to be witnessed, processed and released. I have been privileged to assist and help countless others on their journey of becoming whole, regaining their strength, love, and passion for life.

In my practice, the integration of the body, emotion, mind, and spirit is the key to healing and awakening. This approach allows you to understand and unlock the life-long patterns that have been holding you back. You will be able to create the changes you have been longing for, so that you can move forward in your life.

There is nothing that brings me greater joy, than helping and guiding others on their path to a more profound sense of self. If you are ready to move forward and be seen for who you truly are, your journey begins here.

A Professional Invitation 

All of us are living a life of purpose, we are here to have lives of meaning and impact.

In our complicated and stressful lives we are bombarded with information. We need to be able to solidly rely upon our intuitive capacities to make sense of these increasingly complex environments.

In our western secularized society we have not been taught how to accurately identify these innate intuitive capacities… let alone how to develop and trust them in an embodied, reliable, and replicable way.

My passion is working with people who are ready to go beyond the standard coaching and managerial modalities and are seeking a non-traditional approach to uplevel to their personal and professional capacities.

My professional coaching and teaching specializes in two complementary areas:

Cognitive understanding -  of the interface between one’s physical anatomy and one’s non-physical subtle-intuitive anatomy. 

Intuitive practices -  consisting of replicable techniques that discover and solidify one’s somatic intuitive knowing.

What is Transpersonal Counseling?

I define “transpersonal” as “personal plus.” This transpersonal work integrates one’s personal psyche and those deeper or higher aspects of one’s human experience that transcend the ordinary and the average—experiences that are, in other words, ‘transpersonal’ or “more than personal”... “personal plus”.

Transpersonal Counseling rests in the belief that there is something bigger and deeper in the space between which operates upon us. It is a full spectrum counseling approach and that holds both the immanent and transcendent dimensions of one’s human experience: exceptional human functioning, experiences, performances and achievements, true genius, the nature and meaning of deep religious and mystical experiences, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and how one might foster the fulfillment of one’s highest potentials as a human being.

As a Transpersonal Counselor I integrate the timeless mystical wisdom of humanity’s ancient lineages with modern Western scientific understanding, thus translating spiritual principles into a contemporary, grounded and awakened life. 

Transpersonal Counseling

What is it like to work with me? 

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Dave Schoof - International executive coach and leadership consultant

• Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation

• Certified Integral Coach

• Graduate level studies in integral philosophy, human development, organizational development, adult learning, instructional design and facilitation

In this in depth 20 minute video Dave Schoof speaks to- 

• My role as a Transpersonal Counselor and as "a Seer and an Intuitive”.

• What happens during a session, between sessions, and after our work together. 

Why he sought out my non-traditional approach –

• To go beyond the limits of the business paradigm of  "sense making in increasingly complex systems" and the coaching paradigm of "subtle instincts or energy” .

• To go beyond his cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence.

• To understand and personally experience how subtle structures of the psyche shift, heal, and allow for an “Operating System Upgrade... a move into a new potentiality that had previously only been sensed."

• To understand esoteric material so that it becomes approachable, “non-WuWu”, and an operational practical reality.

• My work with the profound intelligence of psychological defenses.

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Francesca Giulia Mereu -

Executive Coach with CCHN (Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation) and at IMD (International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland)

In this 6 minute video Francesca Giulia initially talks about her personal work with me. She relays with lightness and humor how she came to me seeking help with a couple of recurring patterns in her life, and how together we found the courage to cross her inner “quite lonely, dark and barren desert”. 


Francesca Giulia speaks from her coaching expertise and elaborates on three distinct points about my work:

1- effectiveness 

2- ease 

3- acquired skills 

Megan Shabram Circle.png

Megan Shabram, PhD -

NASA Postdoctoral Program Prize Fellow

and Astrophysicist

In this 5 minute video Megan speaks to being a PHD astrophysicist and coming to my work from the very indoctrinated world of science. How her interest in communication beyond words and synchronicity led her to seemingly random conversation with her hairstylist that led her to work with me. She also speaks to how she now understands this work to be a call from the Universe opening her to profound new possibilities for maturation, professional life, community, and for the planet itself.

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 Lets connect! 

Schedule a complimentary

call to explore our possibilities.

Stephen Busby - 

Formally an executive coach, and now teacher and author of the books, "Guidance for Life on Earth". Stephen has been a member of the Findhorn community in Scotland for over 20 years. 

In this 3 minute video Stephen speaks to what he calls my “multidimensional embodiment as a human" … and that because of this multidimensional awareness it is not possible to have a so-called ordinary conversation with me. He goes on to speak to the evolutionary capacities that are invoked through my capacity for deep perception.

Each journey in unique!

Schedule a complimentary

call to explore our possibilities.

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