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Courses, Classes + Sessions 

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What are my courses like? 

Johanna Lundström

5 minute video 

Pat Malcolm

2. 5 minute video 

Jeannette Rothweiler, MA, LMFT 

3 minute video

Salley Anderson, CFO Bullitt Foundation 

3. 5 minute video



Open to your purpose, your core motivation, and the places in you that long to be seen, integrated and healed.


Divine Heart + Mind
online gathering

My Divine Heart + Mind gatherings just celebrated our 2 year anniversary together. I am closing this chapter in my life and opening to what is coming next. I thank you all deeply for your journey with me. 


Intuitive's Path
Practice Sessions

A time to gather, learn and support our deepening intuitive skills. 


Sacred Portals
online course

In this course you will journey with our ancestors and discover their places of power... places where your senses are heightened and where you can receive insight into the nature of reality. These places act as doorways between your perceptions of time and space and a much greater world.


from Mindfulness

to Intuitive Wisdom

A 6-week course teaching practical techniques for accessing information from the subtle realm.


The Maitreya
online course

Welcome to the Age of Maitreya the future Buddha, as She manifests in the form of Light.

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